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What it is

As companies come under increasing pressure from shareholders, tighter corporate governance rules and competitors, it has become of the upmost importance for companies to find the best and most appropriate person for top jobs within their organization. However, with increasing pressure comes the loss of time that can be dedicated to the vetting process for potential candidates to fill roles within your organization. Headhunting is a form of recruitment and selection where the recruiter, in this case Preferred Personnel Africa, finds you a specific candidate that has skills and expertise that meet your needs and requirements. This requires us as PPA to engage in an extensive search, tapping into our own database as well as exploring the market, searching for a candidate that fulfills all the requirements you have set.

Benefits of Headhunting with PPA

Placing job ads through the media or recruiting from existing staff can have its pitfalls as candidates may be chosen to plug holes rather than further build upon your organization's core functions and lead to further success.

Rather than just plug holes in your company, PPA performs extensive research so that by the time we make our recommendations, the candidate we present to you has been intensively checked and referenced. Through our own experience, we have always taken into account the fit between a potential candidate’s personality and the environment they will be entering. We have grown to understand that the success of candidates we present to clients does not derive solely from their qualifications, but the impact their personality plays in their surrounding environment.

Communication between PPA and our clients has been key to our mutual success. In order for PPA to deliver your desired candidate, we seek to learn about your organization’s culture and the industry that you operate within. This helps us with not only the identification of key players that you are competing against, but gives us a better grasp of what personalities and leadership styles may suit your organization and offer our own input on the selection process.